R&D & Government Grant Financing

Our product is suitable for listed and unlisted companies alike, and may be used as a platform to attract venture capital.
Specifically, we provide flexible R&D Financing solutions in the following areas:
Large R&D Financing
  • Debt financing for R&D projects (pilot, commercial demonstration)
  • Reduces the need for equity / helps the inventor keep their equity
  • Flexible structuring to meet project financing needs
  • Minimal operating restrictions - focused on R&D Activities
  • Reduces the Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  • No Maximum R&D spend
  • All Industry Sectors
Small R&D Financing
  • R&D Financing for working capital needs
  • Loans starting from $50,000
  • Increases speed to market / reduces technology decay
  • Frees up time otherwise spent raising equity for an unproven technology
  • Helps the inventor keep their equity
  • Reduces the Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  • All Industry Sectors

Large R&D projects, typically first-of-a-kind plant and equipment greater than AU$20M, born from Australian innovations, are failing to launch often due to the lack of access to adequate financing. This phenomenon is forcing R&D projects to leave Australia, denying Australia valuable innovations and knowledge capital. The Government’s AusIndustry R&D Tax Incentive Scheme (“Scheme”) is currently a useful funding mechanism for R&D in Australia, and serves to fill some of the gap of Venture Capital in Australia.

GWSP’s market-leading R&D & cash-flow financing service provides an end-to-end capital management solution for companies entering the demonstration phase of their technology commercialisation (or “valley of death”), and which are eligible for R&D Tax rebates from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). GWSP strives to bridge the valley of death with a customised mix of debt and equity financing (i.e. a given company’s weighted average cost of capital, or WACC), and business process & systems improvements. Rather than “picking” technology winners, we focus on the ability to meet these core administrative disciplines.

One of the greatest costs to small Australian businesses is the opportunity cost of technology deployment. R&D grants can be a reliable source of future cashflows for eligible companies, however the lead-time from when expenditure occurs on R&D activities to when the companies receive the R&D Rebate is often greater than 12 months. R&D Finance allows eligible companies to accesses these R&D Rebates early, reducing technology development time and the cost of “Technology Decay”.

When used in conjunction with shareholder equity raisings or venture capital, R&D Finance can provide the requisite financing that takes careful consideration of the mix of dilutionary and non-dilutionary finance that ultimately delivers the best outcome, and brings down a company’s Weighted Average Cost of Capital [or WACC].

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